Song generator

by Jesse Noll, Kristen Casteleiro

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this is an example of a song that was produced by Song-generator.
Song-generator is the product of a senior computer science project at Evergreen State College.
The lyrics were created by a word generator authored by Kristen Casteleiro.

The main inspiration behind this project was based on Fibonacci modulo 7. This sequence is created by the Fibonacci series modular 7 which creates the repeating se-quence (lower case roman numerals are minor chords and uppercase are majorchords.)
I, ii, iii, V, I, vi, vii, vi, vi, V, IV, ii, vi, I, vii, I
Fibonacci modulo 5 The chorus in the prototype is composed of Fibonacci modulo 5, resulting in the following 20 bar repeating sequence:
I, ii, iii, V, iii, iii, I, IV, V, IV, IV, iii, ii, V, ii, ii, IV, I, V, I
The guitar that is played in the verse and outro was composed by using two sequences of Fibonacci modulo 7. The first establishes the chord, like we’ve seen in previousexamples. But instead of each chord being a bar in length each chord gets twobars. The second sequence will add notes to each bar. Essentially, the second sequence adds a note to each bar, resulting in 32 bars.
I+1, I+2, ii+3, ii+5, iii+1, iii+6, V+7, V+6, I+6, I+5, vi+4, vi+2, vii+6,vii+1, vi+7, vi+1, vi+1, vi+2, V+3 V+5, IV+1, IV+6, ii+7, ii+6, vi+6, vi+5

About the whole word synthesizer:
The idea was very simple but enormous in the time it may take to build a 2000 plus word singing dictionary. The vocals were recorded in 4 second intervals and took a little under two hours to record. Splitting the file up into over 2000 sound files seemed like the biggest challenge. It turned out to be a really easy process. This was because the Daw(digital audio workstation) Logic Pro that was used to record each word, made it simple. Logic Pro allows the file to be cut into equal length files. The file length was set to 4 seconds each. Each file would automatically prepend with an ordered number. That number would then be associated with each word from the lyric generator. In the end this solution worked and is currently the model for the implementation of how Song Generator sings.


released June 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Jesse Noll Olympia, Washington

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